How do we make ourselves known?

How do we make ourselves known? Methods by which people find about us ?

The LIFE project wants to bring a major change in our lives. Implicit in society. As we show here, we do not fund ourselves by product recommendations. We do not advertise in any way, neither in clear nor hidden. We consider that the way advertising now works (who has money – or does it in some way or another – pays advertising and we buy products) is inefficient and incorrect, becoming very toxic lately. We think that this is changing slowly, as if it is too slow: there are people who positively post reviews, give “likes” or hearts, recommend in one way or another a product / service that they has used.

This is the following normality !! A place where you find the best products and services, just because they are. There is no need for those who offer them to pay for it, but only to get better. THAT’S IT!

Can only just the two of us to make this change? Obviously, no. Only together with you all !!! ?

So, to make us known we rely on you, first of all! ? All those who are members of this community and want to have more and more people with us.

Then, we also use the following methods to make us known:

  1. Posts on: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Newsletters, flyers.
  2. Live, when we have the opportunity to talk to you and possible future members.
  3. Online events: webinars.
  4. Offline events: workshops and conferences.
  5. Short videos made by us or collaborators.
  6. Whatsapp and Telegram groups for members.
  7. VIATA account on Youtube.
  8. TV interviews for healthy life dedicated channels.

And, very important, we will NOT use the old promoting method – paid advertising – in any way.

Dear fully,

Sebastian and Catalina

January 6, 2019, Roșu

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18 January 2019
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