This project wants to bring a major change in our lives. Implicitly in society. As we show here, we do not fund  from our recommendations. We do not advertise in any way, neither in clear nor hidden. We consider that the way advertising now works (who has money – or does it in some way or another – pays advertising and we buy products) is inefficient and incorrect, becoming very toxic lately. We think this is changing slowly, slowly: there are people who post reviews, give “likes” or “hearts”, recommend in one way or another a product / service that he has used.

Can we both just make this change? Obviously, no. Just together with you all !!! 🙂

Donation is a source of revenue accepted by us as long as it is public, for total transparency and to eliminate any speculation. So the name and city of the donors together with the his existing recommendations (if is the case) are public and can be consulted here. The donation, as well as the membership fee, is used to ensure the operation of this project and allow us to develop it by adding new options / activities and by fully or partially bearing the costs of some of the events as well as providing resources necessary for the operation of our team.

Donations are made here.

Thank you for your support. With any gesture of any of you, the VIATA community will grow and we will become better and better.

Dear fully,

Sebastian and Catalina

January 26, 2019, Rosu

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8 February 2019
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