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VIAȚA is a totally different project, which is why we want to explain how we finance it. It is important to make it clear to you that we are here and we act only in our interest, that is, of each member. We want truly quality products and services to bring us a better life. We want to be better! ?


First of all, it is about fairness in the presentation of articles, services and products. If we, the publishers, receive a sum (or whatever) for this activity, the chances of us becoming more biased are higher according to the amount – the greater, the more often or the more “persuasive” we’ll be. This is what happens in the consumer economy, so it happens when the producer pays for the advertisement.

Then, it’s about changing how to see this way of accessing products and services. At this time any product you use free of charge – free email address, news sites, search engines like Google, social services like Facebook – has a true industry to promote products and services backwards. That means that the manufacturers / sellers go to Google / Facebook etc, pay a fee, and users will find an advertisement of their product / service. We believe it is an outdated way of promotion that damages us: even if a producer has a better product, as long as he does not have enough money for promotion we will not know about him and we will buy other, worse / weaker products but better promoted.

So the much more efficient option we offer, which ensures the promotion of products / services based on quality, is that they are included in the project free of charge, based only on their qualities originally tested by us – those who work in this project – and listed / commented then by members. That’s the only way we are truly unbiased and we only promote quality products and services that are worth using. Even more details here.

So we decided to remove from our funding sources of the VIAȚA project the following:

  • Ads paid. None of the manufacturers / resellers / representatives, etc. of the recommended products and services pay us for it, to be recommended by us.
  • Private donations, not announced publicly.
  • Other sources of similar financing.

There are actually only three sources of income that are accepted for the VIAȚA project:

  • Monthly membership fee – 2 euro / month.
  • Events supported and / or organized by us.
  • Public donations. These are found under “Donations” and are free to be consulted by any person. Donors only do it to support the project, without receiving anything in return (eg, advertise for products).

Considering these sources of income, we believe that the VIAȚA project will be made known through various sites and events, by e-mail, directly speaking with others, by any person if this is done solely on the basis of their desire to tell others about us. The more other friends will enjoy what we offer, the better. That’s it. Nobody and nothing will condition the content of the VIAȚA project.

This ensures that products and services that merit our interest, members, are recommended. Point. ?

Dear fully,

Sebastian and Catalina

December 2, 2018, Roșu

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11 February 2019
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