About us and team. Our way

About us and team. Our way

We are Sebastian and Catalina and we invite you to enjoy all the information you will find on this platform.

The VIATA project was initiated by our desire to have as many of us as possible direct access to pure, unaltered and organized information  in the same place about a healthy life, easy to read and understand. To evolve!

We have no claim that we have gathered the wisdom of mankind on the site. Or that we’re better than you. Or than others. It’s not about that. The only comparison that we consider relevant to each is the one with itself. We want to use all of our experience so far to gather here all the things that we can encompass and which we consider to be the “best” of what we have lived, and make them available to you.

Together with our team, we suggest that you look at all this information trying to see why we’re sharing it to you. How did we get to it, through what experiences we’ve been through? And then compare it to what you know / believe each one of you about it.

And at the end, as we said here, you decide ☺

Dear fully,

Sebastian and Catalina

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8 February 2019
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