About VIAȚA – how did I get to work on the project

I had several signals that told me that “I must!” to initiate this project. Several times I surprised myself thinking deeply about this subject. I woke up on a January day (2016) and I put it on my wish list (yes, I have a list of goals – I’ll tell you about it) without knowing exactly what and how. I just put it there.

Probably because I had become so full of information and so little of it was clean. This means, without any mesmerizing or economic interests (of the consumer society). Without having in it the desire for magnification and the personal ego. Without being touched by various wishes to control and manipulate. I felt the need for up-to-date and pure information.

I WAS NEEDING clean information to rebuild my life. Better, healthier, and much longer life. YES, super longer! Different than the one I found and suggested to me by society, by customs, and by much of the information we have been interacting with. A life in which I’m not afraid (long subject this fear – I have already prepared several episodes). I WAS FEELING that my life is passing and I am not doing things well enough, that I do not do enough although I could.

And where do we find it? It is everywhere!

I was seeing every day a whole series of articles or ideas posted by many of you: Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. I liked many of them. And, what if I pressed “Like”? Would it has changed the situation? Who finds this information after a week? But after a month or a year? Hmm … I say no one else. Unfortunately.  😥 Good, STILL, where are those posts tomorrow? Where???! Timeline ?? Really? I say rather nowhere. They are lost ?

Then, wow, how many books are there now! Which should I read? Where can I start and continue with? Probably I will never finish, even if only that I do in my life. The Internet, the same. The same situation. But much worse about content. Muuuuch worse !! Full of manipulation, especially from economic interests. And political. And … of which there are not ?!

About TV I just want to say … I have some special episodes for you  😆 

And so I felt (yes, I often do things because I feel like I want to do them – I’m not the only one, right?) that I could contribute with something to the life we ​​all enjoy.

Then I remember my discussion with Maria on February 28, 2016 – after the end of the last day of the NLP course and the handing over of the diplomas, when I asked her openly about her opinion of me. She began with: “… I see you as a person who has had many experiences in life …”. And so I felt that I had a new confirmation that I had to start my project.

And there was March 21, 2016 – and then I felt an explosion in my head: an explosion of ideas, thoughts, information was spinning in my head. I felt I could not stop them and did not want to stop them at the same time.

This is the day I started writing and working on this project: fortunately (sic!) not so many people called me to interrupt me. It’s already 15:07 and I write different ideas, various stories that make my head go, write in a diary … I try to organize them, give them a pleasant and easy to read form. To make sense in the way I present them and to do exactly what I want: to convey to you what I feel and think about life, about the happenings I have experienced, about what is happening to me, and how I see what is coming. And you decide on …

The most important thing that I consider now and I want to share with you is that the more we have access to pure, unaltered and organized information, the more we will see things more clearly; and why should we all seek through different places, when can they coexist together ?!

I do not claim that I have gathered the wisdom of mankind in me or in the site. But I can use all my experience so far and gather all the things that I, with my own mind, can cover now, and make them available to you. I suggest you look at all this information trying to notice the reason I’m sending it to you. How did I get to it, through what experiences I’ve been through? And then compare it to what each of you know.

And at the end, as I said above, you decide ?

I hug you!


March 21, 2016

P.S .: This message was conceived some time ago, that is March 21, 2016. Since then, some time has elapsed until favorable conditions have emerged to work and launch the project. This moment has come and I hope it will be useful to you for something to each of you. The more you consider ?!

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